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Here's a FRACTION of What You'll Learn Inside

✅ The #1 Trick to Standing Out in the Oversaturated Copywriting Market; this is how you’ll be able to get clients without struggling or stressing out

My Best Confidence Tactic for Freelancing in 2023 and Beyond; this is how you’ll be able to see your own worth as a copywriter and use it to help you in finding clients and growing

✅ The Secret to Making Money as a Freelance Copywriter; you’ll be surprised to find out the difference between high-earners and struggling freelancers!

✅ A Step-By-Step Guide to Pricing Your Time as a Freelancer; you’ll feel confident about your rates and your clients will be happy to pay you what you want—I promise!

✅ A TOP SECRET Technique for Getting Clients Even if You Have No Portfolio, Experience or Confidence; this worked for countless students and will also work for you!

✅ The Exact Instructions to Help You Effortlessly Write a Portfolio Sample; I’ll tell you who to write for and what to write for them! 

✅ 8 Different Ways of Finding Clients; I’ll help you choose a strategy that will work for you & you will love!

& So Much More!

This is literally what I wish someone gave me when I was starting out. 

And I KNOW that it will help you finally get into copywriting, find your first client and start making your dreams come true. No matter how big or small :) 

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Hey Superstar!

If you want to easily break into copywriting and finally have your first client then this will be the most important challenge you’ll take!

Here’s why:

I discovered copywriting in 2018. I felt like life was just going wrong.

Do you know that feeling? 

I didn’t like my job. My relationship fell apart, things just weren’t working. I felt like every day was boring and… difficult 🥲

I knew I had to change something and I felt that working remotely would give me more choice and opportunity.

I also knew that I had no hopes of ever climbing the corporate ladder. I was never cut out for it. 

Learning copywriting and getting started was the hardest part 🥵. 

I spent more than 3 hours every evening on YouTube and different blogs, trying to find the way. 

I spent over £230 on copywriting books. 

Then more than £5321 in courses.

I’ve been on this journey of consuming so much information on copywriting and freelancing and still going to bed confused.

I always had the same question…

What do I do next? 

I craved something practical, step-by-step and guiding 🤤. 

I never found it.

I had to just go down the trial-and-error route.

Eventually, I figured things out and made copywriting my career.

In just a couple of months, I started travelling full-time while freelancing. 


I created this challenge to show you exactly how to build a portfolio and get your first copywriting clients in just 5 days!

I never forgot that there was a huge gap in the copywriting education space.

That there were no practical resources and tutorials. 

That’s why I started my YouTube channel and now this challenge. 


To shine the light on your path so that you can get into copywriting easily.

🚫 Without making all the mistakes I made.

🚫 Without stressing out as much as I had to when things weren’t working. 

🚫 Without losing money and time on the wrong resources.  

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It’s an easy-to-follow, 5-day course, that will guide you through everything step-by-step. 

It’ll take you about 30 minutes each day.

How long do you scroll the gram every night?

Yeah, you and I both know you can find time to go through it. 

There’s no rush though because you’ll get lifetime access. 

But, if you go through the challenge in the 5 days, follow my advice, and do the homework you’ll be able to get your first client in the 5 days! 

And you can repeat the process to get more clients. 

How cool is that?

Imagine where you’ll be in a month from now?! 🥹

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What Happens When You Join

If you like the sound of the challenge, you can join right now and get started.

If this doesn’t sound like your cup of tea—it’s okay.

You can leave this page and I’ll see you around! No hard feelings. 🫶

Once you join the challenge you'll receive an email with your login instructions. 

Every day, I'll release a workshop for you.

All workshops are in video format and include practical 'homework' to help you get your first clients.  

Here's the Workshop Plan:

Day 1: How to NOT BE a generic copywriter lost in the Fiverr crowd 🫣

Day 2: How much to charge your clients 💸

Day 3: How to write samples for your portfolio for real brands! 👩🏻‍💻

Day 4: How to pitch clients (step-by-step instructions and template included) ✅

Day 5: Where to find clients in the future (8 different ways) 🎉

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